Mistral Home Cares

At Mistral Home we care about the environment, society and our products. Discover all the steps we take and the objectives of our 'Mistral Home cares' programme.

Think about the planet

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. We want to reduce our impact on the planet by setting goals and are working hard on reaching them so we can provide the future generations a healthy environment.
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We can use organic or recycled materials with a GOTS, OCS or GRS certificate. We work with suppliers with compliance to the Detox campaign, while the bepi system maps our supply chain.

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Our efforts

All our waste is recycled, including our textile waste. We use 100% green energy and are working towards a paperless office.

On top of this our colleagues also pull their weight by picking up litter during their break.



We ship fully loaded containers from the far East. Additionally, transport by road and sea is combined in order to reduce the amount of trucks on the road.


We find it important that every colleague is happy. We make this happen by offering flexible working hours, and by promoting exercise and healthy food. Besides this, we also find it important to raise money for good causes. Curious on how we do this and for who and how much we've already donated?
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Many workers are involved in the production process of our products. By only working with BSCI certified partners, we can guarantee that everyone in our supply chains has good working conditions and fair wages.

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Sports @ work

To contribute to the health of our employees, free after-work sports lessons are organised regularly.


Sheltered workshop

We want to give everyone the opportunity to earn their own money and to contribute to the society. That's why we find it important to work together with sheltered workshops.


Product innovation and research is very important to us. We check the quality of all our products by performing rigorous tests. But that's not all, we want to promote recycled products and have developed an Old2New product line. But let us not forget packaging in this equation. How can we package products in the most environmental friendly way.
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Mistral Home has its own GRS certificate. We developed our Old2New logo to communicate the product is recycled.


Quality control

Every products has to go through quality control to assure good quality. We have our own quality department.



We want to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging and are researching new ways to pack our products.