Which mattress protector suits your needs?

We help you to choose the right mattress protector. The first question to ask when choosing a mattress protector is: what are my needs?

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Our mattress protectors & renewers are anti-dust mite and anti-bacteria. Did you know that our mattress protectors can be washed at 95°C?
However, we recommend washing them at 60°C as this is warm enough to kill bacteria and dust mites.
It is also much better for the environment.

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Ultra healthy mattress protector | Mistral Home


Is the mattress protector for a young child? Then it is best to choose a waterproof mattress protector.
This will protect your mattress against stains.

For our webshop, we chose to offer the ultra-healthy mattress protector.
It has a waterproof coating made of PU. This is a water-repellent but breathable material, which benefits ventilation.

The mattress protector is made of terry cloth.

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Supermolton mattress protector | Mistral Home


Are you looking for a general protection? Then a molton mattress protector will do the job. This protects your mattress against the signs of daily use.

A molton mattress protector is not waterproof but protects your mattress against traces of wear and tear. The super molton sleeps wonderfully soft.

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Supernova mattress renewer | Mistral Home


Do you have an older mattress that you can't say goodbye to yet? Then our mattress renewer is the best choice.
It provides your mattress with a new cover. This way, your mattress looks like new.
(Please note: a mattress renewer does not extend the life of your mattress. It is recommended to replace your mattress every 10 years).

A mattress renewer looks a little different from a mattress protector.
Our mattress protectors are a fitted sheet model, but our mattress renewer is a completely new cover for your mattress.
The cover is easy to place around your mattress and has a handy zip.

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