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Our product and company have an impact on a lot of people and in different ways. We have the colleagues and their work environment in the head office; we have the workers in the production facilities and we have the people who use our products. It is important that each person has a good working environment and above all, that our product is safe to use. But we care about a lot more people and that is why we also donate money to various good causes.

Work @ the head office

Happy workers are good workers. By offering flexible working hours, colleagues get more freedom and can better manage the work / life balance.  A healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on the mental health and that is why each monday, a fruit basket gets delivered. We also joined the competition ‘the fittest company’ to motivate the colleagues to work out.



We have two important certificates that focus on the social aspect of our product.

BSCI: to receive the BSCI certification, you have to respect 11 labour principles. These principles are about people’s rights, fair wages, no child labour, safe working conditions, no discrimination and more. 

Oekotex: the oekotex certificate guarantees the product is safe to use and that no harmful substances are used.  There are 4 product classes depending on the purpose of the textiles. The more intensive the skin contact of a product and the more sensitive the skin, the stricter the human-ecological requirements that need to be complied with.



Each year we donate money to various good causes, ranging from organizations that support medical research to organizations that build schools in Africa.

Each year we donate a certain amount but we also raise money by organizing events or donating profits from events.

 Since 2014, we have donated around €32.000 -.

Sheltered workplace

We work together with sheltered workplace because we believe that everybody needs to get the change to contribute to society, even people with a mental disability. Some parts of our production are done in a sheltered workplace and we have workers from a sheltered workplace helping us in our warehouse.