Mistral Home cares about the productSustainability

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There are ways to improve our product on 2 different levels: the components and the packaging. We are researching several ways to reduce our impact.

Recycled: Old2New

With our new product line Old2New we want to offer recycled options.

To be able to speak about recycled fabric, at least 50% of all fibres needs to be recycled from either pre-consumer waste or post-consumer waste. An example of pre-consumer waste is the small pieces of fabric waste that we have after confection. Those pieces are too small to use for an other product. So they can be recycled and reused. On the other hand, post-consumer waste comes from waste of the end consumers, eg. can be plastic bottles or old jeans.

But what are the recycled products we offer?

  • Sogo table linen: our sogo table linen is 70% cotton & 30% polyester and 94% (!) of all the fibres are recycled. The sogo table linen is available in 4 colours.
  • Flannel duvet covers: our flannel duvet cover is 100% cotton and 52% of the fibres are recycled. You can choose between two different designs.

We already obtained our GRS certificate, which means we can communicate to the end-consumer that our products are recycled. 

The use of recycled materials is not the only focus of this certificate. The GRS certificate also sets high standards concerning the use of chemical components and working conditions throughout the whole supply chain. A yearly external audit at all companies in the chain, guarantees the implementation of all requirements.

Since not all consumers are familiar with the meaning of certain certificates, we found it necessary to develop an easy to understand logo. That’s why we came up with the Old2New logo.

Quality control

Each product has to go through our internal quality control department so we can guarantee high quality. Here we perform various tests, eg. checking for colour fastness, shrinkage and dimensions of the product.
We do the quality control ourselves but often we also use an external partner.



Our products are often packaged with a lot of plastic. The plastic is used to protect the product during transport and in the store. Since we want to reduce our share in the plastic soup, we are looking for ways to lower our use of plastic. We are researching new ways to package products by using FSC certified cardboard hangers or by using reusable fabric bags.  We have already been using FSC certified inlays and stiffners in European production since several years. FSC certification ensures that the wooden components (eg. inlays, stiffners, boxes, ..) come from responsibly managed forests across the world. This management provides environmental, social and economic benefits.