Duvet & pillow

    • My 4 seasons

      • The “My 4 seasons duvet” is good for all seasons
      • The cover is made of percale woven cotton
      • This 4-season duvet consists of a summerduvet and a mid-season one
      • Join the two duvets to make one winter bedspread
      • The duvet is washable at 60°

The pillow is as important as the mattress

    • My pillow

      • “My pillow” is filled with fiber drops
      • A supple and fluffy pillow
      • The pillow is anti-house mite & anti-bacteria
      • You can modify the volume of the pillow with the handy zipper
      • Wash the pillow at 60°

Shake out your bedspread and pillow regularly

For more washing tips