Plaids & Throw pillows

  • Plaids

    • Deliciously warm throws for cold evenings
    • Super soft throws for the coziest moments
    • Our throws are available in two sizes: 130x170 cm and/or 150x200 cm
    • Discover our different types of throws in various qualities

Add a special atmosphere and warmth to your interior

  • Throw pillows

    • A throw pillow enhances any room
    • Choose a solid color or get bold with a photo print
    • Throw pillows in nice and soft coral Sherpa fabric, in velvet or in cotton-polyester mix
    • Our throw pillows are available in two sizes: 45x45 cm and/or 60x60 cm

Sooth muscle pain with a cherry pit pillow

    • Cherry pit cushion

      • Cherry pit cushion retain warmth & then slowly release it
      • Heat up the cherry pit cushion in the microwave
      • The cherry pit cushion soothes all aches and pains
      • Dab some essential oil on the cushion for a pleasant aroma
      • The cherry pit cushion can also be used cold by placing it in the deep freezer

You can dry the throws in the dryer

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